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We deliver collaborative advertising sales management, analytics and native CRM integration specifically for multi-channel media companies. Since 2000, we have provided publishers worldwide with straightforward software solutions to support their critical business processes of sales and marketing, order fulfilment and content management.

Whether your role is sales, marketing, finance or production we will ensure you are all on the same page with immediate access to pertinent information. With the ability to sell and track digital and print ads in a single system, online ad selling, packaged ad buys and multi-channel sales are just a few of the possibilities ad DEPOT offers to help you generate more ad revenue from previously untapped sources.

  • Trial our Software

    Begin a 30 day risk free trial of ad DEPOT today. 

    In just a couple of simple steps, you can log in from anywhere and simplify the complexity of the ad booking process.

    Join thousands of users that manage digital and print sales with this powerful advertising solution.

  • Drive Advertising Sales

    Make an immediate impact on your advertising sales by running ad DEPOT on Microsoft Azure’s scalable cloud platform. 

    No lock-in contract, no specialist infrastructure, software or technical support needed – just one simple monthly fee to access and manage your sales and business operations through an intuitive web browser interface.

  • Salesforce Integration

    Accessing ad DEPOT via Salesforce.com enables ad bookings to be entered direct into the Salesforce.com platform enabling sales teams to focus on what matters most: selling. By providing a simple to use ad order entry form and all the necessary tools in one place, sales people can be more productive, working from up-to-date information and delivering booking details to publishers in real time.

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    Our software has been created by an international team drawn from a variety of media backgrounds representative of the digital, print and broadcast channels we support.

    Simply put, our 100% web based software solutions are designed by industry specialists for industry specialists.

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Hearst Advertising Worldwide buys ad DEPOT

Phil Pavier January 07, 2015